Requisitioning Items

To requisition magic items, we’re using modified rules based on what’s written in the Zeitgeist Players’ Guide.

You may requisition items from the RHC quartermaster. This is based on your Prestige level with Risur (currently 4). You must pay full value for any items your requisition (payment due when you receive the item). Any items that you requisition, or that you purchase from a legitimate merchant (and can show proof of purchase for) can be sold to the RHC for its full value.

Note that you can purchase Common items from regular merchants in Flint (or any other city with a thriving magic item trade) during normal business hours. This might take anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple hours, depending on the item sought and what district you’re in. Uncommon and Rare items are not normally available on the open market.

Favor 0 – Requisition any number of Common items of your tier (e.g. heroic) or lower.
Favor 2 – Requisition an Uncommon heroic tier item of the party’s level or lower. Alternatively, requisition up to three Uncommon consumable items of the party’s level or lower.
Favor 3 – Requisition a Rare heroic tier item of the party’s level or lower. Rare items are not guaranteed to be available.

Favor modifiers:

Favor +1 – Requisition a higher level item (up to the party’s level + 4).
Favor +1 – When requisitioning Uncommon or Rare magic items, for every Uncommon or Rare item the party has above the fifth (not including consumables or the Messenger Wind, increase the favor level by 1.
Favor +1 – Requisition a paragon tier item instead of a heroic tier item.

Current Party Inventory of Uncommon and Rare Items
Character Uncommon & Rare Magic Items Total
Alain Hero’s Armor, Brooch of No Regrets 2
Asaad Sanguine Vestments, Learning weapon, Acrobat boots 3
Clairette 0
Cyrus Canary in a Coal Mine 1
Sora Viper Belt, Blood Fury Greatsword 2

Reprinted from the Zeitgeist Players’ Guide, this is how long it takes for a given favor to be fulfilled:

If the Favor Rating is… Then your favor gets fulfilled in…
Less than your Prestige As little time as humanly possible.
Equal to your Prestige A few hours.
Your Prestige +1 A day.
Your Prestige +2 A week.
Your Prestige +3 A month.
Your Prestige +4 or more Never.


  • The party has Risur Prestige of 3, is level 6, has 4 Uncommon items and 1 Rare item in total (not including Messenger Wind and consumables). Sora wishes to requisition a level 7 Uncommon sword. This has a Favor rating of 3 (base 2 to requisition an Uncommon item, +1 because the item has a higher level than the party level). The sword will be available a few hours after placing the request.
  • The same day, after Sora receives her sword, Clairette attempts to requisition a level 9 Rare amulet. Because the party has already called in a favor with Risur for the day, she must succeed on a Diplomacy or Intimidate check to make the request. If she succeeds, the Favor rating for requesting the amulet is 5 (base 3 for requesting a Rare item, +1 because the item is higher level than the party, +1 because the party now has 1 Uncommon item above the allotted 5). The request would be fulfilled in a week. Clairette decides this is too long to wait, and relinquishes one of her Uncommon to the RHC items to expedite the request. The Favor rating is now 1 lower, and the request will therefore be fulfilled in a day.

Other Notes & Reminders

  • You may call in one favor from each group you have Prestige with each day.
  • You may call in more than one favor from the same group on a given day by making a successful Diplomacy or Intimidate check. This is typically a Hard DC appropriate for your current level. Usually, the only penalty associated with failing this check is that nobody in the party may attempt to call in favors from this group for the rest of the day.
  • You are counted as having called in a favor as soon as you make the request, and it only counts against your favor allotment for that day, even if the favor is not actually fulfilled until days or weeks later.
  • You are allowed to keep any gifts you receive in the course of your duties, but are required to report them; the value of these gifts may be taken into account when the RHC determines the budget for your future bonuses and stipends.

Requisitioning Items

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