Martial Scientist


Level 1

  • Choose Medicine or Investigation. You have proficiency in the chosen skill.
  • Battlefield Meta-Awareness: You can perform the Search action during combat as a bonus action. Your Search checks with a result of 15 or higher that are made during combat are guaranteed to reveal a feature that has some possible tactical relevance.
  • Martial Techniques: Throughout the campaign, you will have opportunities to learn a variety of martial techniques. You can have one such technique prepared at any given time, which can be changed during a short rest or long rest. Once you perform a martial technique, you cannot use it again until you take a short rest or long rest.
  • You know the Experimental Strike technique.

Experimental Strike:
Martial technique

Whenever you miss with every attack you make during your turn, you may perform an additional action that involves attacking an enemy in an indirect way, such as slicing a rope to pin the enemy with a chandelier or smashing a pipe to spray blinding steam at an enemy.

Level 5

  • You may perform an Experimental Strike as a reaction when an enemy misses you with an attack.
  • You have proficiency with improvised weapons.

Surgical Precision
Martial technique

When you hit an enemy with an attack that had advantage, you may apply your Surgical Precision technique. Make a Medicine check. On a check of 15 or higher, the target takes 1d12 extra damage and its speed is reduced to 2 and is unable to take reactions for 1 round. On a check of less than 15, the target takes 1d6 extra damage.

Martial Scientist

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