Probably going to need to be edited by Robert.

-Party makes its way to temple in the swamps south of Flint in the Athras mountain range.
-Finds bodies at the campsite with strange growths, proceeds to enter temple anyway
-Various puzzles and combats are had including the sweet light puzzle
-Found the map detailing the position of another Ziggurat in Ber
-Clairette used her powers to find out that one of the surviving members of the specialist team sent by Kaius Burgeron is a female tiefling and she likely has the seal.
-Found the original seal was a fake and Cyrus repaired some of the damage to the wards there before all shit broke loose.
-Alain had a vision regarding Apet and the wheel of time coming to an end.
-Temple floods with poison water
-Also traps, illusory floor trap, flame traps, force traps
-Creepy voice urges us to escape
-Escaped only to find ourselves surrounded by undead emerging from the swamp
-Climb the Ziggurat to safety
-Zombies destroyed by none other than Rot the fey titan god of decay
-Rot charges us with finding the bitch who stole the seal and wrecking her day

-Head back to Flint
-Alain gets business proposition from Nevard Sechim
-Sid gets assassination contract from Vekeshi Mystics
-Sora and Clairette get invited to a ball
-Cyrus gets framed for murder


RTukka slykoala

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