Kaybeau Expo, Session 1

After confronting Macbannin and his mysterious suicide, the constables were put on busy-duty for a few months by the top brass of the Flint RHC office, Margaret Saxby. Their latest mission is to act as security for the Kaybeau Arms and Technology Exposition.

  • The party arrived and Sergeant Sara Lockheart of the Flint Police gave them the run-down of the Expo layout.
  • The expo is located in Central District, a few blocks southwest of the RHC headquarters and occupies Flint’s largest public part. At the center of the Expo is the recently completed (but not yet active) lavishly-appointed Kaybeau Subrail Station. Surrounding the station are the three semi-permanent pavilions, including:
    • The Military Tent
    • The Rail Tent
    • The Industry Tent
  • Other major tents and areas include:
    • Apex Tower Construction
    • Colleen Fuel Prospectus
    • Gonzel’s Cannery
    • Liontamer Mechanical Orchestra
    • Pemberton Industries
    • Sechim’s Alkahest and Alchemicals
    • Swords of Tomorrow
    • The Trinket Stand
    • Gun Alley, with the following notable merchants or structures:
      • Rock Rackus’s canopied stage and tent
      • Shooting Range
      • Al’s Almmo
      • Fildi and Dilfi’s Badger Guns
      • Nock’s Guns
      • Steam-Powered Armor
  • The party split up and kept their eyes open for suspicious-looking activity, visiting various points of interest: Kaybeau Station, the Military Tent, Pemberton Industries (though Alain was denied entry), the Trinket Stand, Gonzel’s Cannery, Swords of Tomorrow and Sechim’s Alkest and Alchemicals.
  • The party was able to surmise that several of the local pickpockets were coordinated, and was able to track them to a figure known as “Mama”, a merchant working in the Trinket Stand. Sora managed to intimidate her into promising to end her involvement in the pickpocketing racket.
  • Alain confronted one thief, who had an amulet resembling those which allowed access to Macbannin’s witchoil labs and reservoir. The thief stole the items from one Isaac Randal.
  • Cyrus confronted Randal, who claimed he worked briefly for Macbannin, and that he grabbed and armful of stuff from the labs when the constables arrived and the earthquake struck. He says he sold most of it to a former coworker at the labs named Kaja Stewart. Randal says that a meeting with Kaja can be arranged by telling Mama at the Trinket Stand that you’re interested in an “anniversary gift for my wife Ethel.”
  • The party also met a dwarf eschatologist/gunsmith named Kvarti Gorbatiy. He mentioned that a friend of his, Kylie had met with a black market weapons dealer with a more interesting and impressive selection than what is on offer at the expo (or at least, in the Swords of Tomorrow tent).
  • Kylie gave a vague describe of the arms dealer, but noted that she traveled with a companion who wore a heavy coat and a large, low-brimmed straw hat.
  • In the early afternoon, the party arrived in Gun Alley, where Kvarti demonstrated his marksmanship, and Rock Rackus performed a song.
  • Just as the song concluded, three otherworldly creatures appeared out of nowhere and began attacking the crowd. Another appeared shortly thereafter.
  • The party killed the creatures, but not before suffering some significant wounds, and three fair-goers lost their lives, including:
  • A young human mage, dressed in fine Risuri clothes, who had been wielding a staff of solid gold, that reverted to wood after the battle.
  • A young dwarf, Alforb Irongut, son of Alfonse Irongut of Al’s Ammo.
  • A third human male, dressed as a commoner, who had apparently been struck by one of Rock Rackus’s golden bullets.
  • Timothy Lammers, an old war vet and proprietor of the shooting range, claimed the monsters first appeared when the young human mage with the staff attempted to bullseye a target with a magic missile, and that another monster appeared after he attacked one of the monsters he had apparently summoned.
  • Arcane scrutiny of the staff revealed a magical aura matching those of the summoned creatures. Cyrus also was able to identify the staff as an artifact of the Ancients.


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