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  • Asrabey Varal

    Asrabey fought in the First Yerasol War, two hundred years ago against the Danorans, though he technically was not an ally to Risur. His cause was the rescue of an eladrin woman who was captured by a Danoran general. Asrabey made an appearance during …

  • The Old Stag

    The Old Stag wears an elaborate stag helm and mask, has scarred hands and speaks with a distinctive voice. He seems to be middle-aged. He has quite an appetite for women, and at Vekeshi gatherings is always in the company of beautiful fey.

  • Ekossigan

    [[:asrabey-varal | Asrabey Varal]] described Ekossigan as "herald of the four seasons, he who defends stags from arrows, widdershins prophet and liege of changelings." In addition, he holds influence over "true fey" (which does not include elves and …

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