Messenger Wind

Magical communication


Messenger Wind, Level 6 Uncommon

You cup an invisible orb of winds in your hand. Five golden feathers spin in tiny eddies and currents, and you pluck one from the tiny miniature cyclone, then release the orb. The winds wait until you whisper to the feather and call upon them to deliver your message.

Price: 1800 gp
Wondrous Item
Property: The wind orb can be carried, or it can be left to float at any location, fairly invisible except to those who know to look for it. Five small golden feathers are attuned to the orb, and any person who has a feather can call upon the wind’s power as long as they are within thirty miles of the orb.

Power (Encounter): Minor Action. You call the wind of the orb. It flies 10 mph (20 sq/rd) until it reaches you; it will deliver (at 10 mph) a message you give it to any other feather. Each feather can be used once per encounter. If multiple creatures activate feathers, the first resolves before the second begins.


Messenger Wind

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