Hat of Hats

The House Elf's magician's hat


Hat of Hats, Level 4 Uncommon

You reach your hand into this simple bowler hat, and your hand brushes something fuzzy. Then you pull out the full outfit of a classic stage magician: white gloves, black suit with tails, black pants, polished white and black shoes. When you glance back at the hat, it’s changed into a tophat.

Price: 840 gp
Head Slot

Power (At-Will): Minor Action. The hat changes shape to any hat that would fit your head, to a maximum of about three feet in any dimension. Even if given a hazardous shape, at best it counts as an improvised weapon.
Power (Encounter): Standard Action. You produce a whole costume of mundane clothes that last for 24 hours, or until you use this power again.
Power (Daily): Standard Action. You produce a small rabbit, bird, or badger from the hat. The creature is harmless and lasts until the end of the encounter.


Hat of Hats

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