Golden Icon of Nem


Property: When you use an action point, you may become insubstantial until the end of your next turn. This effect ends if you attack.

While on Axis Island a person holding the icon or wearing it as a necklace gains darkvision, and can influence shadow magic. Most notably, shadow creatures are drawn to it, and they defend the bearer and obey his or her orders.


Nicolas Dupiers, a Danoran mining foreman on Axis Island was in possession of the Golden Icon of Nem when he attacked the constables. After he was subdued and the constables made it clear that they were not his enemy, Dupiers consented to surrender the Icon to the constables so that it might aid them in their mission. Dupiers claims the icon was excavated from some ruins near the mine, and that he recovered it for safekeeping when the island came under attack.

The Golden Icon of Nem was handed over to the RHC quartermaster at the conclusion of the Axis Island mission.

The Golden Icon of Nem is a solid gold circle engraved with a crude constellation associated with the plane of Nem. Nem is the plane of ruin and is a myth among skyseers who say it sheds no light, and can only be seen as it glides silently through the heavens, devouring stars and leaving nothing but a hole in the night. It influences secrets and the dead.

Golden Icon of Nem

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