Golden Icon of Avilona


Property: When you use an action point, once before the end of your next turn you can fly your speed as a move action.

While on Axis Island a person holding the icon or wearing it as a necklace gains +30 to Athletics checks made to jump, and can influence air magic. Most notably, air elementals are drawn to it, and they defend the bearer and obey his or her orders.


The Golden Icon of Avilona was discovered attached to the splintered remains of an ancient marble column at the bottom of a mine on Axis Island. It is a solid gold disc about the size of a person’s palm and is engraved with primitive designs depicting the Eagle constellation, which is associated with the plane of Avilona.

The party handed the Golden Icon of Avilona over to the RHC quartermaster following the mission on Axis Island, noting that they had promised Nicolas Dupiers that they would return the icons to Danor.

Avilona is said to be the plane of air, where desolate rocks float amid the clouds, covered in long-abandoned ruins. Ancient myths claimed this world was a titanic eagle, constantly fleeing the ravenous Jiese (the plane of fire). It holds influence over weather, notable deaths, and animals.

Golden Icon of Avilona

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