Cracked Cauldron

Cursed ritual cauldron


Cracked Cauldron, Level 6 Rare

Crude images in relief of skeletons devouring people ring the lip of this cracked, black cauldron. Its handle hangs loosely on its hinge, and could be easily slipped off.

Price: 1800 gp
Wondrous Item
Property: When you use the cauldron as the focus of a ritual, instead of having the ritual take effect you can store its magic in the handle of the cauldron. You still expend any components used in the ritual.

Power (Daily): Standard Action. The ritual stored in the handle takes effect as if you had just completed the ritual.
Curse: The handle’s presence is like screeching nails on a chalkboard to wild animals. While you carry the cauldron handle, fey or natural creatures of animal intelligence (Int 1 or 2) can sense you from 100 ft. away, and they gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls against you.


Cracked Cauldron

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