Vlendam Heid

Founder of the Heid Eschatol movement in Drakr


The Heid Eschatol movement began among the dwarves of Drakr, after the scholar Vlendam Heid published a treatise on the myths of his nation and how they continued to influence modern perceptions. The book captured the culture’s consciousness, particularly a section that used the legend of the Lost Riders to explain the Drakran tradition of defining civilizations and eras by how they end. In the three decades since its publication, Heid’s “On the Proper Endings of Things” has given birth to a whole field of academic study devoted to finding the perfect
way to end friendships and romances, business relationships, wars, serialized literature, and even one’s own life.

Heid’s disciples refer to themselves as eschatologists, from the term for the study of the end of the world. Their popularity has only strengthened Drakr’s existing obsession with apocalyptic prophecies and doomsaying, and has raised awareness of their beliefs in other nations. The Clergy, however, denies that the dwarven endtimes are near, and its agents take a dim view of Heid’s followers.


Vlendam Heid

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