Sokana Rell

Handmaiden to Duchess Ethelyn and conspirator in the Coaltongue sabotage attempt


Sokana Rell is an eladrin who was rescued from Danoran captivity by the Duchess Ethelyn of Shale during the Third Yerasol War, and has served Ethelyn faithfully since. Under Ethelyn’s tutelage, she developed her powers as a fey warlock. She accompanied the Duchess to the Coaltongue launch ceremony, disguised as an ordinary elf.

Sokana’s role in the sabotage was to bring a ritually transmuted rod of fire to the ship’s to cause the engine to overheat and catastrophically explode. Fortunately, the constables were able to intervene and disrupt the plot. The Duchess Ethelyn escaped by jumping out a window, where she was carried underwater on the back of some sort of huge sea creature, but Sokana was taken into custody.

Sokana Rell

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