Sid Nitro

A mystic with a huge sword...


250 y/o



Dark complexion,and silver hair. Always wearing dark clothes, accompanied by his cape that changes in battle.


Born Assad Nitro in a village at the heart of Elfaivar, and kidnapped as a child by vagabonds around the time of colonization. With Elfaivar decimated by colonialists, and no family but the vagabonds, Sid took to traveling as a child. Sid grew close to one of his kidnappers, an acrobat from a traveling circus, who taught him the basics of combat. After traveling to the Cloudwood the group was attacked by fey, while Sid was spared. Eventually making it to Flint nearby, he was taken up by Abbot Xavier over in the Stray River district.

During his adolescents he was raised by Xavier, who strengthened his Seedist background. An adept and agile fighter, he made a living as a sell-sword. There weren’t many he could share his secrets to aside from Xavier and his sword. He joined the Constabulary only within the last two years, swearing to protecting and avenging the helpless and innocents. He just joined the B-Team as his assignment crossed with theirs and is developing a bond with people he can share his secrets to.

“I’m not sure what I’m doing, but have faith…”

Sid Nitro

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