Roland Stanfield

Governor of Flint; a deva whose various incarnations has managed the city for centuries


Stanfield witnessed the fall of the eladrin goddess Srasama five hundred years ago and died soon thereafter in the chaos of Elfaivar’s fall. But he reincarnated, and has for centuries served as Flint’s governor.

The constables had an opportunity to briefly speak with Roland Stanfield during the Coaltongue launch after they thwarted the Duchess’s sabotage plot. During that conversation, they spoke to him on behalf of Thames Grimsley, and helped arrange a meeting between the two, regarding the conditions endured by factory and dock workers in Flint. Stanfield was sympathetic and appreciative of the workers’ sacrifice, but stressed the need to take into consideration Risur’s overall economic prosperity, and to maintain its strategic position.


Roland Stanfield

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