Reed Macbannin

Former mayor of the Nettles and Bleak Gate conspirator (deceased)


Reed Macbannin, former mayor of the Nettles, was involved in the Bleak Gate Conspiracy. Beneath his manor was a massive witchoil resevoir and labs containing flayed jaguars and the kidnapped Lynn Kindleton. The documents stolen by Nilasa Hume from the Danoran consolate and later recovered by the constables implicated him in an extortion and smuggling ring involving several factories in Flint.

When the constables showed up at his manor to arrest him, Macbannin attempted to have them killed. An earthquake struck that same morning, and damaging Macbannin’s estate and the labs and reservoir. After he was subdued, Macbannin cooperated in averting a potential catastrophe by shutting down the eldritch machine responsible for producing and refining the witchoil, and diverting the flow of the remaining witchoil from the damaged relief pipe.

A week later, on the day first day of the hearing preliminary to his trial, Macbannin killed himself by smashing his head repeatedly into his cell wall. The guards reported that Macbannin had been in good spirits throughout most of the day. However, minutes prior to his death he lurched over and seemed to be whispering to himself. The guards thought he might be trying the “sick prisoner” trick, but then he returned to normal, and asked one of the guards for a cigarette. Macbannin finished his cigarette, then walked over to the wall and smashed his head into it.

The constables showed up shortly thereafter. The constables were prepared to revive the mayor with their Electroradiant Current-Redirecting Revivifier, but Clairette sensed something extremely unusal — his spirit was no longer present. The constables inspected the cigarette butt and the guard’s pack of cigarettes for anything unusual about them, but found nothing.

The party was not able to further follow up on the mysterious death, as Margaret Saxby decided to assign other constables to the case.

Among Macbannin’s possessions when he was arrested was a bronze ring set with a white opal, engraved with the words “Overcoming Black Arts.”

In life, Macbannin was known for his sense of humor, and was an expert in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Reed Macbannin

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