Cillian Creed

Ex-RHC operative involved in the Bleak Gate Conspiracy (deceased)


Cillian Creed was Reed Macbannin’s butler. Before his disfigurement, he was a spy and member of the RHC. Cillian Creed was apparently able to change his appearance at will, and often assumed the identity of one Officer Roger Porter.

Cillian Creed was involved in the extortion and smuggling ring apparently designed to divert materials to the mysterious industrial project happening in the Bleak Gate near Cauldron Hill. He was present in the Danoran embassy when Nilasa Hume attempted to steal some documents relating the conspiracy; he attacked her and she died shortly thereafter, but she handed the documents off to Wolfgang von Recklinghausen (an unrelated bystander).

Creed pursued and attacked Dr. Recklinghausen, who managed to escape. Creed questioned known associates of Recklinghausen in an effort to track him down, and was likely responsible for the kidnapping of Lynn Kindleton.

Creed also ambushed the party on Cauldron Hill by throwing sunrods into their camp, but did not confront them directly. Later, the party fought him again in the Cathedral where Recklinghausen was hiding with the Kell-Guild, and the Kell-Guild thugs assisted Creed. When the fight turned against him, Creed and a few of his men retreated. Just outside the Cathedral was Leone “the Steelshaper” Quital. Creed left to report to Macbannin and the party escaped.

The final confrontation with creed happened near the witchoil reservoir beneath Macbannin’s mayoral manor. This time Creed fought to the death, and his life was claimed by Sora del Toro.

Office Porter has been described by witnesses as having a pencil-thin moustache.

When the constables witnessed him on Cauldron Hill, he appeared as a black figure with an unnaturally angular silhouette.

In his form as a MacBannin’s butler, he appeared as a blonde-haired man. After he was killed, his appearance resembled that of his butler identity, but disfigured with exposed blackened bones and necrotic tissue.

Creed wore a simple bronze band inscribed with the words “Obedient Butler’s Creed.”

Cillian Creed

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