Nilasa Hume

Agent of Gale who was killed in an attempt to steal documents from the Danoran Consulate (deceased)


Nilasa Hume was an employee of Sechim’s Alkhest and Etchings an agent of the fey militant Hana “Gale” Soliogn. Gale charged her with stealing documents from the Danoran Consulate in an effort to uncover details of a conspiracy taking place in the Bleak Gate’s analogue of Flint.

The murder of Nilasa Hume is the crime that the constables were officially tasked with solving, though in the course of the investigation they’ve uncovered hints of a larger conspiracy.

Nilasa claimed (through the Spirit Medium Clairette) that she was caught in her mission and was attacked by a dark figure, in contradiction to the claims of the Consulate’s Security Chief, Julian Lebrix. Julian told the constables that Nilasa had attempted to steal a valuable jewel encrusted egg and that he shot her as she fled towards the window, but Nilasa claimed she was attacked in melee by her dark assailant and she died when she was impaled on the spiked fence outside.

Nilasa was also involved in a wand smuggling plot on Gale’s behalf, though the constables managed to uncover the details of the plan and stop the exchange from going forward and arrested others that were involved.

Nilasa had been swept up in an unrelated raid while she was visiting some former criminal accomplices and had a bail slip in her pocket. Following up on this lead, the constables were able to obtain Nilasa’s criminal file from the local police.

The ghost of Nilasa visited the constables while they were at the summit of Cauldron Hill, and warned them that her murderer was approaching. Shortly afterwards, a dark figure appeared and began throwing sunrods into the party’s camp, causing the various creatures and spooks of Cauldron Hill to assault the constables and Nevard. The creatures did not seem to recognize the dark figure as food or an enemy.

Nilasa Hume

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