Margaret Saxby

Head of the Flint branch of the RHC


The Lady Inspectress recently won the top spot in the Flint division through political assignment when her predecessor lost favor during a scandal. Lady Saxby was a darling of the public when she married a much younger veteran knighted during the Fourth Yerasol War. People say the marriage was meant simply to improve her standing, and Lady Saxby’s fierce emphasis that she be the face of the RHC is well known among constables.

Saxby was revealed by Xambria Meredith to be an Obscurati agent, information she gained when she (while under Sijhen’s control) ate Caius Bergeron’s brain. Subsequent investigation revealed that she had illegally appropriated evidence (the Ancient star map) from the ruins of Macbannin’s estate, and oversaw the inclusion of a rusty iron ring in one of the cells in the RHC headquarters, which subsequently allowed Ob assassins into the building. In addition, she had a bronze ring set with a brilliant yellow peridot engraved with the words “Opportunity Begets Rank.”

Margaret Saxby

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