Finona Duvall

Tiefling specialist team leader hired by Cauis Bergeron; expert in teleportation magic


The B-Team encountered Finona at the submerged ruins of the ziggurat of Mavisha in the middle of an attempt to remove an ancient seal to study its abjurations. She agreed to stand down and leave the excavation site to the constables after she and most of her companions had been bloodied or rendered unconscious. Finona claimed, convincingly, that she knew little of the conspiracy Caius Bergeron was involved with. She teleported herself and her crew to an unknown location via a Linked Portal ritual.

Shortly thereafter, Content Not Found: sijhen murdered her.

Finona’s quarters on the Dracon de Mer contained a letter, reading as follows (translated from Common):

Memorandum for Finona Duvall,

I was impressed by the flawless professionalism of your clean-up at the High Bayou excavation. The previous expedition was
staffed with cavalier fools, but you emerged unscathed from peril, which highlights your intellect and acumen. I think you have
the potential to benefit my associates greatly, and if your work continues to be of this masterful caliber, I shall recommend you be
brought in more fully.

To wit, I trust you will handle this your fourth dig site with the same skill. However, for your new Drakr bodyguards, this
will be their first time opening a seal. I am confident neither is so loutish and disruptive as Master Rackus was at the
ziggurat of Jiese. Nevertheless, it is imperative that we avoid a disaster like what occurred at the bayou ziggurat.

The magic and defenses at these ruins are complex and secretive, so while I thoroughly trust your familiarity with the dangers,
we need take no unnecessary risks.

Firstly, each of the golden seals were crafted by the Ancients specifically to close a portal to another world. Examination of the
relief images on each suggests hostile creatures had been entering our world through these portals, and that the Ancients used
the seals to slow an invasion. The creatures were not of any known modern race. Be certain your allies are forewarned, and keep
close eye on their mental stability. At least once disaster has struck because someone panicked at the revelation that the world
was much larger than their current conception.

Second, the peculiar nature of the seal magic appears to have trapped a small mote of the other world on the far side of the
portal. I suspect that this somehow redirected the existing portals to this pocket dimension, and that perhaps simply closing the
portal was beyond the skill of the Ancients. Though ages have passed, and we can only assume the invasion forces were stopped
somehow, each time we have opened one of these seals, creatures have survived within. Make sure everyone is armed at all times
and ready for battle.

Third, the hostile creatures appear to have belonged to different factions, as the seals of Jiese, Nem, and Apet depict distinct
sorts of creatures. The Ancients clearly dealt with threats from worlds beyond those known to us today, since the beings that
emerged from the ziggurat of Apet do not match any of the current lore of that world. Indeed, the strange beasts were not even
the same sort as portrayed on the seals. Do not presume that simply because you are opening a portal to the plane of water that
any creatures beyond must share the same elemental affiliation. Use multiple warding circles in your initial explorations; we can
afford the expense.

Fourth, either time or magic has had the effect of concentrating the inherent planar energy within the mote beyond the seals.
When the Mavisha seal is finally opened, expect intense energy to pour out. This will probably just be elemental water energy, but
as always, precautions rule the day. Make sure first to know the nature of the energy, and set up appropriate wards. If possible,
do not be nearby when the seal opens.

Finally, while we have endeavored to maintain a certain discretion in our activities, we have attracted the unfortunate attentions of an
RHC squad, and I fear we might be being watched by agents of the Unseen Court. Be prepared for attack from without as well as within
when you’re at the dig. Afterward, maintain the greatest discretion in transporting the golden seal. If necessary, abandon it so you can
make sure to reach me with your research. While a ton of gold is valuable in its own right, we’re fairly certain any gold suffices for these
seals, so your examinations of the abjurations are more valuable than the physical artifact.

Please try to enjoy your journey. Seobriga in Autumn is lovely, and I trust the more rustic charms of the land around the ziggurat of
Mavisha will provide a pleasant respite from the stress of avoiding ancient curses and otherworldly carnivores. I await your return with
an admitted enthusiasm, and I insist you recount your journey with the utmost detail while enjoying the finest wines from my family’s

Do be safe, Finona.

Your benefactor and cohort,
Caius Bergeron

P.S., If complications arise, do try to wrap up before Winter. It would be a treasure if you could accompany me by train from
Beaumont on the 11th. I have a meeting to attend on the 20th in Vendricce, after which I plan to stay in Crisillyir for a few months.
I would love the company of a vivacious young woman, since my host is somewhat too aged and philosophical for my tastes.

Finona Duvall

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