Cyrus Paxton

Human Swordmage, Martial Scientist


A Flint native born to a middle class family. Father was a soldier turned Docker and mother was a banker. Against his Father’s wishes he joined the Academy outside of Flint and trained in swordplay and magic in hopes to become a royal constable. Got into a few shenanigans at school with his friends, including Glasnir Shalefounder (now a smith at the ‘Pound it Out’) and still keeps in contact with his old advisor Dr. Jaime DeMox. His thesis was “A Treatise on Damage Prevention, Temporary Health, and Combat Healing”.

Cyrus met most of his companions through work and through trial by fire has come to be fairly loyal to them. He had a bit of a nerd crush on Lya Jierre having read her thesis while in school, but since the job on the island and the party’s run in with her brother Nathan he doesn’t really trust her.

Given his tendency to plan things and make presentations he buys into the Heid Eschatol philosophy somewhat. Gained the trust of Damata Griento during the Train Crisis. Tragically lost his left hand during a battle in Chrysillier against Lya Jierre.

“Nothing good ever happens in a cave.” – Cyrus

Cyrus Paxton

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