Asrabey Varal

Eladrin dreadnought and servant of the Unseen Court who was sent to assassinate the Duchess Ethelyn


Asrabey possesses a magical shield crested with a lion’s head that can fly and attack others, and a flaming longsword that he can also use as a whip. In addition, he appears to be able to teleport mid-air, and was seen running along walls.

He is an extremely formidable combatant, as he was able to fight his way through dozens of soldiers and subdue the Duchess Ethelyn, who herself is an experienced veteran and was rumored to be a sorceress of mighty power, protected by ritual rites of rulership — though the battle did inflict quite a toll on him.


Asrabey fought in the First Yerasol War, two hundred years ago against the Danorans, though he technically was not an ally to Risur. His cause was the rescue of an eladrin woman who was captured by a Danoran general.

Asrabey made an appearance during the Battle of Axis Island. He had apparently stowed away about a ship in the Risuri fleet, and cut a deadly swath through everyone in his way, whether they were on the Duchess’s side or the loyalists.

When the constables confronted him in the Duchess’s stronghold in he inner fort of Axis Island, he explained that his purpose was the execution of the the Duchess Ethelyn to make it clear that the Unseen Court does not condone her treachery. (The Duchess Ethelyn had hitherto been Risur’s liaison to the Unseen Court, and her politics made such an alliance seem likely.)

He was also inclined to kill Nathan Jierre, but when Jierre mentioned the name Kasvarina Varal, Asrabey was interested in what the tiefling had to say, and desired to take him into custody instead.

The constables made a deal with Asrabey rather than fight the fearsome (though by this time, badly injured) eladrin dreadnought. He was allowed to execute the Duchess. Nathan was taken into Risuri custody, but Asrabey was allowed to question him on the journey back to the Risuri mainland.

Asrabey Varal

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