Spring 9, 501 AOV

  • Clairette received a missive from Lady Maeve, instructing her to go to a specific clearing for an exchange of gifts, and to bring trusted allies.
  • Stover Delft received a warning about eschatologist radicals.
  • The B-Team was attacked by the Kell-Guild on their way to a meeting with the King and the Principal Minister.
  • At their meeting with the king the B-Team was instructed to infiltrate and root out the Obscurati in their Flint-Bleak Gate facility.
    • To do this, the party must find a way into the Bleak Gate. It is known that the Kell-Guild has been used to provide support to the Ob and do some of their dirty work in the city, so it is assumed that they have some means of transporting goods and personnel into that dark plane. The party is to discover this passage and utilize it.
    • The party was put in charge of a task force of some 50 FPD officers, and are to coordinate with Lt. Betty Macon of the FPD.
  • Asrabey Varal arrived unexpectedly in the King’s conference room. He informed those present that he was there on behalf of the Unseen Court to inform the king of a rogue archfey known as Ekossigan. The party agreed to assist in tracking him down.
  • The C-Team, lead by Constable Carlao met with Brakken of Heffanita. A few thugs seemed to be watching the meeting at the docks, but scuttled off as soon as the party took note of them. The C-Team escorted Brakken and her companion dire bear to the Beran Consulate in Flint. Along the way, Brakken seemed to assume the mood of the districts they traveled in. The team suspected some sort of empathy might be at work, or that it was a manifestation of the Beran ambassador’s Panoply mindset.


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