Kaybeau Expo, Session 2

  • After dispatching the strange alien creatures in Gun Alley, Sora still felt psychically vulnerable. She experienced a bout where the her fellow constables seemed like they were miles away rather than a few dozen feet. Alain was able to diagnose her as being afflicted with some sort of disease.
  • Alain’s wolf companion was also behaving strangely. He retrieved Rock Rackus’s crescent-capped rod of localized amplification and was extremely reluctant to give it up.
  • As Clairette moved closer to the slain mage to question him, she brushed his formerly-golden staff and experienced two brief visions. One was of a woman exchanging the staff for a sack of something. The other was of a hand with pointed fingernails handing the staff to Reed Macbannin, who appeared to be irate. In questioning the mage, Clairette learned that he was a trust fund baby who had purchased the staff from Kaja Stewart.
  • Shortly after the fight with the extraplanar creatures in Gun Alley, Content Not Found: asaad arrived to lend a hand and ask a favor. Asaad had been investigating some smugglers in Bosum Strand, but was wanting a little extra manpower to help run down some of his leads. Delft received Alain’s message referring to Ali’s tip about smuggling going down in Bosum Strand, and figuring there might be connection, gave Asaad leave to ask the other constables for help with his investigation after things wound down at the fair for the day.
  • Cyrus and Clairette met with Gloria “Mama” Berstead at the Trinket Stand and delivered the code phrase they had discovered earlier to arrange a meeting with Kaja Stewart. Mama sold them a small jewelery box containing a piece of paper indicating that the constables should arrive at the Lanternwood Subrail Station construction site later that evening.
  • The party then went back to headquarters to arrange for an RHC ritual healer to treat Sora and Alain’s wolf’s affliction.
  • The party then hit Bosum Strand, starting with another subrail construction site where one of his informants, Content Not Found: hragaar works. Asaad had run down a paper trail earlier and noted some financial irregularities with the project.
  • The party made a search of the premises and turned up a sack of fey pepper mixed concealed among bags of cement. An area supervisor named Allen Markley was questioned and the constables suspicions’ were further inflamed by his responses. Sora (inadvertently?) dosed him with the fey pepper during the question, and the other constables found two additional sacks of fey pepper around the site, one of which had a berth number stitched on a small piece of cloth within it. Further questioning lead Markley to give up the docks location and the fact that the rest of the shipment would be unloaded today.
  • The party went down to the docks to scope out the situation and were spotted by a familiar face — a Family bravo named Gregorio Terracina who had been involved in the wand smuggling plot the constables had busted up a few months earlier. During his trial, Gregorio’s counsel claimed he had been charmed by Danisca Waryeye and he was found innocent by reason of enchantment.
  • Gregorio, with resigned defeat, recommended that the constables meet with the boss at a nearby coffee shop before investigating the ship. Cyrus and Asaad went to said coffee shop and encountered Morgan Cippiano, who offered a deal to the constables — if they’d give his friend time to straighten out his “oversight” in not properly declaring the contents of his ship and give him an opportunity to pay the appropriate taxes, fees and fines, Cippiano would give them a lead on an interesting weapons dealer.
  • Cyrus and Asaad talked to it over. Cyrus argued for making the deal, and Asaad reluctantly agreed. Cippiano then told Cyrus of Kaja Stewart, revealing that her oddly-clad bodyguard is actually a witchoil-fueled construct. Since the party was already onto Kaja and had in fact already arranged a meeting with her, Cippiano told them he still figured he owed them a favor. He also indicated he’d try to make things go easier with Kaja, but wasn’t willing to make any promises on that front.
  • Sora and the wolf were healed of their affliction through a Cure Disease ritual (paying out of pocket of the not-exactly-cheap components). The healer claimed that similar cases of Sora’s affliction had been reported throughout the Party Lake district starting around mid-Summer. People have taken to calling the condition Distant Madness, and there is speculation that the cause might be fallout from the Cauldron Hill earthquake event that coincided with Macbannin’s arrest. The wolf’s fixation on the rod of amplification ended with the curing of the disease.
  • Asaad joins the party when they confront Kaja. She meets them on one end of the construction yard, and has them cross one at the time (though her permits Cyrus to come with his “familiar,” Clairette). Kaja is accompanied by her construct bodyguard and a pistoleer, and Sora spots a few mobile turrets among the construction supplies.
  • Kaja displayed her wares — several firearms, including a few odd gun/blade combinations. She allowed Cyrus to sample one blade, made of wood, that turned to gold when wielded, and also had a golden amulet for sale. Both looked to be the handiwork of the Ancients.
  • On his way back to discuss the situation with the rest of the party, Kaja’s pistoleer gave Cyrus a wink when Kaja wasn’t looking.
  • The party decided to attempt to arrest Kaja on the spot. Cyrus went back to Kaja announced that he would be taking her in. Kaja resists, but during the start of the fight, her pistoleer turns against her, and one of her turrets malfunctions and self-destructs. Eventually the party prevails.
  • Sora crushes Kaja’s walking gun-turrets to pieces and the party takes Kaja and the pistoleer into custody.
  • Delft meets with the party and takes their report. He informs them that he’s taking them off Expo security duty for the time being so they can run down some leads relating to the extraplanar monsters and the staff that summoned them, since they represent an unassessed threat to Risur. It should also help them keep a low profile (as the Chief Inspectress desires) since they won’t be around the Expo for journalists to find them to ask questions about the incident in Gun Alley. Asaad is assigned to the team to help out.


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