From the pages of Dr. Jones' research notes

Day 1 -

The train was boarded in the morning without incident and I met my fellow travelers in the first class cars. These included a roguish woman with scars on her arms (they appeared to begin itching when we entered Danor), a family of half-orcs (Griento Family, Ademata, his wife, daughter, and son), a dragonborn arms dealer, and a pixie cheese matron. Our conductor introduced himself and his first officer offered many of us a chance to engage in a ‘safari’ later on in the journey.

I spent most of my morning drinking coffee and reading in the common dining car and was lucky to notice a few more interesting people join the train. These include some hot-shot tiefling gunslinger who flirts with anything with breasts, a large woman with a robed companion, and another arms dealer (magic arms). The arms dealers hit it off swimmingly while I approached the larger woman and her companion. I had noticed the companion had elven symbols on her robe and suspect she is either elven or eladrin. I fear the latter for keeping an eladrin female to yourself is a detestable action.

Someone died before our last stop of the day. A middle aged human man in the common car. I spoke with a priest of Corellon about this mishap and procured more information through a healer.

The evening was lovely as I spent it with the Griento family touring museums and historical places around the town outside of the convent. I learned much of my traveling companions including that Ademata is a prominent merchant considering going into the rail road business, what fortune!?


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