From Dr. Paxton's notes

Summary of Avery Coast train ride

At this point in the journey we spend the evening in Sid Minos. One stop remains. Vendricce.

Versubach, Bree, Elanor and her companion, Olivert Boone, The Jierre and his elf have been followed numerous nights to little effect. Alain’s dreams point to the Jierre and his elf as members of the conspiracy and the dwarf being connected to them. Requires further investigation. Note: They suspect us, all of us.

Damata Griento and went to a lecture by Heid Eshcatol himself the other night. It was an experience worth remembering. The main subject was on Damata and his quandary with the family. While I have my own thoughts on organized crime this seemed like something that needed our help in solving. I aided Damata by organizing strong warriors for him to lead into battle. He provided a ritual with feathers and warpaint. Robin Jett brought Bree Kaldeckis along. I was shot several times but we managed to win the day and end his debt to the Family. As of now Damata promises a safe haven in Ber if we ever need one. He is aware of our secret.

Our suspicions proved correct the following day when our souls were unceremoniously ejected from our physical bodies onto the plane of Ruin. Need to check with Alain on this. After a fight with several wraiths I managed to disrupt the ritual thanks to some advice from Sora del Toro (she suggested smashing it).

Olivert Boone was stuck there as well, betrayed by his conspirators. He revealed that our suspicions were correct. Also, he revealed his weapons were cursed and required blood sacrifices. He was the murderer we had been hunting. Jierre and Versubach escaped in a carriage. Alain pursues.

Side note: Clairette managed to broker a deal regarding Danoran military plans over the next few years. These were delivered to Stover Delft. It will come out of our next stipend, however, but still a job well done.

Things will come to a head soon. We must stop Jierre and the conspiracy here. Capture preferred.


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