Spring 9, 501 AOV
  • Clairette received a missive from Lady Maeve, instructing her to go to a specific clearing for an exchange of gifts, and to bring trusted allies.
  • Stover Delft received a warning about eschatologist radicals.
  • The B-Team was attacked by the Kell-Guild on their way to a meeting with the King and the Principal Minister.
  • At their meeting with the king the B-Team was instructed to infiltrate and root out the Obscurati in their Flint-Bleak Gate facility.
    • To do this, the party must find a way into the Bleak Gate. It is known that the Kell-Guild has been used to provide support to the Ob and do some of their dirty work in the city, so it is assumed that they have some means of transporting goods and personnel into that dark plane. The party is to discover this passage and utilize it.
    • The party was put in charge of a task force of some 50 FPD officers, and are to coordinate with Lt. Betty Macon of the FPD.
  • Asrabey Varal arrived unexpectedly in the King’s conference room. He informed those present that he was there on behalf of the Unseen Court to inform the king of a rogue archfey known as Ekossigan. The party agreed to assist in tracking him down.
  • The C-Team, lead by Constable Carlao met with Brakken of Heffanita. A few thugs seemed to be watching the meeting at the docks, but scuttled off as soon as the party took note of them. The C-Team escorted Brakken and her companion dire bear to the Beran Consulate in Flint. Along the way, Brakken seemed to assume the mood of the districts they traveled in. The team suspected some sort of empathy might be at work, or that it was a manifestation of the Beran ambassador’s Panoply mindset.
The Words of Ashima-Shimtu

"When Triegenes, founder of the Clergy, defeated the Demonocracy, most of the fiend rulers were slain. Because their souls could not return to the hellish planes that spawned them, the corruption drained into this world. Ashima-Shimtu, however, bargained for her life, offering to be a prisoner, and in exchange she would provide guidance on how to find and trap the trace essences of the other high fiends.

“The Clergy chained her above this well that leads to the sea, and ringed the wall of the pit with blessings. Now she hangs above a massive font of holy water. The vapor forever stings her, and should she ever wriggle free she will fall and be dissolved. She upheld her end of the bargain for centuries, and learned to meditate and ignore her physical existence so she would not go mad from solitude. Eventually the Clergy captured every fiend’s essence it could find, and they locked them into the same vault with Ashima-Shimtu.
“And so the Lady of the Forked Tongue would have been forgotten, if not for the holy war between the eladrin and the Clergy.

"Five hundred years ago two people came to the Isle of Odiem and received from Ashima-Shimtu a ritual that could give physical form to a belief. The ritual was used to conjure forth an avatar of the eladrin goddess Srasama, and when she was slain the eladrin race was nearly annihilated.

“The surviving heads of the Clergy learned that Ashima-Shimtu had been involved, but she refused to give them the secret of the ritual unless they released her. They threatened to kill her, but she knew the temptation to wield such power made her too valuable to kill. And so she remains, the Keeper of the Secret That Must Not Be Lost, waiting for the day the hierarch of the Clergy releases her.

“Today is not that day. The visitors to her prison could never break her chains. But she sees value in them.

“The mage of three worlds, whose trivial indulgences can do little to lighten the burden of her quest;

“The soldier, whose desire for honor and justice war with her fury and thirst for blood;

“The scholar, who seeks to discover and impose order on a world whose laws can shift like the sands of a beach;

“The druid of a stone forest, whose faith in his soothsaying legacy waxes and wanes, even as the stars are poised to turn the fate of this world;

“And the executioner of the Vekeshi, who works within law and without it, whose will would have brought the visitors to this place, even if their pursuit of the oracle had not.

“Ashima-Shimtu has meditated, and being the guest of priests this past millennium has given her time to consider matters of morality. She could condemn these intruders to a slow death of starvation, or amuse herself by testing the resourcefulness of her vistors. However, she already knows something of their worth, and choose instead to offer their freedom, since she cannot have such herself.

“This is no devil’s bargain, nor a gift that must be repaid by force of infernal contract. The visitors to her prison desire to leave. They need only step to the lip of this well, speak the name of where they would travel, and dive in. Ashima-Shimtu will see them safely there. More, she will conceal them for a time, so that the divinations of their enemies will think them dead. She thinks this is the least she can do to thank her visitors for removing the unpleasant man who had bothered her.”

From Dr. Paxton's notes
Summary of Avery Coast train ride

At this point in the journey we spend the evening in Sid Minos. One stop remains. Vendricce.

Versubach, Bree, Elanor and her companion, Olivert Boone, The Jierre and his elf have been followed numerous nights to little effect. Alain’s dreams point to the Jierre and his elf as members of the conspiracy and the dwarf being connected to them. Requires further investigation. Note: They suspect us, all of us.

Damata Griento and went to a lecture by Heid Eshcatol himself the other night. It was an experience worth remembering. The main subject was on Damata and his quandary with the family. While I have my own thoughts on organized crime this seemed like something that needed our help in solving. I aided Damata by organizing strong warriors for him to lead into battle. He provided a ritual with feathers and warpaint. Robin Jett brought Bree Kaldeckis along. I was shot several times but we managed to win the day and end his debt to the Family. As of now Damata promises a safe haven in Ber if we ever need one. He is aware of our secret.

Our suspicions proved correct the following day when our souls were unceremoniously ejected from our physical bodies onto the plane of Ruin. Need to check with Alain on this. After a fight with several wraiths I managed to disrupt the ritual thanks to some advice from Sora del Toro (she suggested smashing it).

Olivert Boone was stuck there as well, betrayed by his conspirators. He revealed that our suspicions were correct. Also, he revealed his weapons were cursed and required blood sacrifices. He was the murderer we had been hunting. Jierre and Versubach escaped in a carriage. Alain pursues.

Side note: Clairette managed to broker a deal regarding Danoran military plans over the next few years. These were delivered to Stover Delft. It will come out of our next stipend, however, but still a job well done.

Things will come to a head soon. We must stop Jierre and the conspiracy here. Capture preferred.

From the pages of Dr. Jones' research notes
Day 1 -

The train was boarded in the morning without incident and I met my fellow travelers in the first class cars. These included a roguish woman with scars on her arms (they appeared to begin itching when we entered Danor), a family of half-orcs (Griento Family, Ademata, his wife, daughter, and son), a dragonborn arms dealer, and a pixie cheese matron. Our conductor introduced himself and his first officer offered many of us a chance to engage in a ‘safari’ later on in the journey.

I spent most of my morning drinking coffee and reading in the common dining car and was lucky to notice a few more interesting people join the train. These include some hot-shot tiefling gunslinger who flirts with anything with breasts, a large woman with a robed companion, and another arms dealer (magic arms). The arms dealers hit it off swimmingly while I approached the larger woman and her companion. I had noticed the companion had elven symbols on her robe and suspect she is either elven or eladrin. I fear the latter for keeping an eladrin female to yourself is a detestable action.

Someone died before our last stop of the day. A middle aged human man in the common car. I spoke with a priest of Corellon about this mishap and procured more information through a healer.

The evening was lovely as I spent it with the Griento family touring museums and historical places around the town outside of the convent. I learned much of my traveling companions including that Ademata is a prominent merchant considering going into the rail road business, what fortune!?


Probably going to need to be edited by Robert.

-Party makes its way to temple in the swamps south of Flint in the Athras mountain range.
-Finds bodies at the campsite with strange growths, proceeds to enter temple anyway
-Various puzzles and combats are had including the sweet light puzzle
-Found the map detailing the position of another Ziggurat in Ber
-Clairette used her powers to find out that one of the surviving members of the specialist team sent by Kaius Burgeron is a female tiefling and she likely has the seal.
-Found the original seal was a fake and Cyrus repaired some of the damage to the wards there before all shit broke loose.
-Alain had a vision regarding Apet and the wheel of time coming to an end.
-Temple floods with poison water
-Also traps, illusory floor trap, flame traps, force traps
-Creepy voice urges us to escape
-Escaped only to find ourselves surrounded by undead emerging from the swamp
-Climb the Ziggurat to safety
-Zombies destroyed by none other than Rot the fey titan god of decay
-Rot charges us with finding the bitch who stole the seal and wrecking her day

-Head back to Flint
-Alain gets business proposition from Nevard Sechim
-Sid gets assassination contract from Vekeshi Mystics
-Sora and Clairette get invited to a ball
-Cyrus gets framed for murder

Kaybeau Expo, Session 2
  • After dispatching the strange alien creatures in Gun Alley, Sora still felt psychically vulnerable. She experienced a bout where the her fellow constables seemed like they were miles away rather than a few dozen feet. Alain was able to diagnose her as being afflicted with some sort of disease.
  • Alain’s wolf companion was also behaving strangely. He retrieved Rock Rackus’s crescent-capped rod of localized amplification and was extremely reluctant to give it up.
  • As Clairette moved closer to the slain mage to question him, she brushed his formerly-golden staff and experienced two brief visions. One was of a woman exchanging the staff for a sack of something. The other was of a hand with pointed fingernails handing the staff to Reed Macbannin, who appeared to be irate. In questioning the mage, Clairette learned that he was a trust fund baby who had purchased the staff from Kaja Stewart.
  • Shortly after the fight with the extraplanar creatures in Gun Alley, Content Not Found: asaad arrived to lend a hand and ask a favor. Asaad had been investigating some smugglers in Bosum Strand, but was wanting a little extra manpower to help run down some of his leads. Delft received Alain’s message referring to Ali’s tip about smuggling going down in Bosum Strand, and figuring there might be connection, gave Asaad leave to ask the other constables for help with his investigation after things wound down at the fair for the day.
  • Cyrus and Clairette met with Gloria “Mama” Berstead at the Trinket Stand and delivered the code phrase they had discovered earlier to arrange a meeting with Kaja Stewart. Mama sold them a small jewelery box containing a piece of paper indicating that the constables should arrive at the Lanternwood Subrail Station construction site later that evening.
  • The party then went back to headquarters to arrange for an RHC ritual healer to treat Sora and Alain’s wolf’s affliction.
  • The party then hit Bosum Strand, starting with another subrail construction site where one of his informants, Content Not Found: hragaar works. Asaad had run down a paper trail earlier and noted some financial irregularities with the project.
  • The party made a search of the premises and turned up a sack of fey pepper mixed concealed among bags of cement. An area supervisor named Allen Markley was questioned and the constables suspicions’ were further inflamed by his responses. Sora (inadvertently?) dosed him with the fey pepper during the question, and the other constables found two additional sacks of fey pepper around the site, one of which had a berth number stitched on a small piece of cloth within it. Further questioning lead Markley to give up the docks location and the fact that the rest of the shipment would be unloaded today.
  • The party went down to the docks to scope out the situation and were spotted by a familiar face — a Family bravo named Gregorio Terracina who had been involved in the wand smuggling plot the constables had busted up a few months earlier. During his trial, Gregorio’s counsel claimed he had been charmed by Danisca Waryeye and he was found innocent by reason of enchantment.
  • Gregorio, with resigned defeat, recommended that the constables meet with the boss at a nearby coffee shop before investigating the ship. Cyrus and Asaad went to said coffee shop and encountered Morgan Cippiano, who offered a deal to the constables — if they’d give his friend time to straighten out his “oversight” in not properly declaring the contents of his ship and give him an opportunity to pay the appropriate taxes, fees and fines, Cippiano would give them a lead on an interesting weapons dealer.
  • Cyrus and Asaad talked to it over. Cyrus argued for making the deal, and Asaad reluctantly agreed. Cippiano then told Cyrus of Kaja Stewart, revealing that her oddly-clad bodyguard is actually a witchoil-fueled construct. Since the party was already onto Kaja and had in fact already arranged a meeting with her, Cippiano told them he still figured he owed them a favor. He also indicated he’d try to make things go easier with Kaja, but wasn’t willing to make any promises on that front.
  • Sora and the wolf were healed of their affliction through a Cure Disease ritual (paying out of pocket of the not-exactly-cheap components). The healer claimed that similar cases of Sora’s affliction had been reported throughout the Party Lake district starting around mid-Summer. People have taken to calling the condition Distant Madness, and there is speculation that the cause might be fallout from the Cauldron Hill earthquake event that coincided with Macbannin’s arrest. The wolf’s fixation on the rod of amplification ended with the curing of the disease.
  • Asaad joins the party when they confront Kaja. She meets them on one end of the construction yard, and has them cross one at the time (though her permits Cyrus to come with his “familiar,” Clairette). Kaja is accompanied by her construct bodyguard and a pistoleer, and Sora spots a few mobile turrets among the construction supplies.
  • Kaja displayed her wares — several firearms, including a few odd gun/blade combinations. She allowed Cyrus to sample one blade, made of wood, that turned to gold when wielded, and also had a golden amulet for sale. Both looked to be the handiwork of the Ancients.
  • On his way back to discuss the situation with the rest of the party, Kaja’s pistoleer gave Cyrus a wink when Kaja wasn’t looking.
  • The party decided to attempt to arrest Kaja on the spot. Cyrus went back to Kaja announced that he would be taking her in. Kaja resists, but during the start of the fight, her pistoleer turns against her, and one of her turrets malfunctions and self-destructs. Eventually the party prevails.
  • Sora crushes Kaja’s walking gun-turrets to pieces and the party takes Kaja and the pistoleer into custody.
  • Delft meets with the party and takes their report. He informs them that he’s taking them off Expo security duty for the time being so they can run down some leads relating to the extraplanar monsters and the staff that summoned them, since they represent an unassessed threat to Risur. It should also help them keep a low profile (as the Chief Inspectress desires) since they won’t be around the Expo for journalists to find them to ask questions about the incident in Gun Alley. Asaad is assigned to the team to help out.
Kaybeau Expo, Session 1

After confronting Macbannin and his mysterious suicide, the constables were put on busy-duty for a few months by the top brass of the Flint RHC office, Margaret Saxby. Their latest mission is to act as security for the Kaybeau Arms and Technology Exposition.

  • The party arrived and Sergeant Sara Lockheart of the Flint Police gave them the run-down of the Expo layout.
  • The expo is located in Central District, a few blocks southwest of the RHC headquarters and occupies Flint’s largest public part. At the center of the Expo is the recently completed (but not yet active) lavishly-appointed Kaybeau Subrail Station. Surrounding the station are the three semi-permanent pavilions, including:
    • The Military Tent
    • The Rail Tent
    • The Industry Tent
  • Other major tents and areas include:
    • Apex Tower Construction
    • Colleen Fuel Prospectus
    • Gonzel’s Cannery
    • Liontamer Mechanical Orchestra
    • Pemberton Industries
    • Sechim’s Alkahest and Alchemicals
    • Swords of Tomorrow
    • The Trinket Stand
    • Gun Alley, with the following notable merchants or structures:
      • Rock Rackus’s canopied stage and tent
      • Shooting Range
      • Al’s Almmo
      • Fildi and Dilfi’s Badger Guns
      • Nock’s Guns
      • Steam-Powered Armor
  • The party split up and kept their eyes open for suspicious-looking activity, visiting various points of interest: Kaybeau Station, the Military Tent, Pemberton Industries (though Alain was denied entry), the Trinket Stand, Gonzel’s Cannery, Swords of Tomorrow and Sechim’s Alkest and Alchemicals.
  • The party was able to surmise that several of the local pickpockets were coordinated, and was able to track them to a figure known as “Mama”, a merchant working in the Trinket Stand. Sora managed to intimidate her into promising to end her involvement in the pickpocketing racket.
  • Alain confronted one thief, who had an amulet resembling those which allowed access to Macbannin’s witchoil labs and reservoir. The thief stole the items from one Isaac Randal.
  • Cyrus confronted Randal, who claimed he worked briefly for Macbannin, and that he grabbed and armful of stuff from the labs when the constables arrived and the earthquake struck. He says he sold most of it to a former coworker at the labs named Kaja Stewart. Randal says that a meeting with Kaja can be arranged by telling Mama at the Trinket Stand that you’re interested in an “anniversary gift for my wife Ethel.”
  • The party also met a dwarf eschatologist/gunsmith named Kvarti Gorbatiy. He mentioned that a friend of his, Kylie had met with a black market weapons dealer with a more interesting and impressive selection than what is on offer at the expo (or at least, in the Swords of Tomorrow tent).
  • Kylie gave a vague describe of the arms dealer, but noted that she traveled with a companion who wore a heavy coat and a large, low-brimmed straw hat.
  • In the early afternoon, the party arrived in Gun Alley, where Kvarti demonstrated his marksmanship, and Rock Rackus performed a song.
  • Just as the song concluded, three otherworldly creatures appeared out of nowhere and began attacking the crowd. Another appeared shortly thereafter.
  • The party killed the creatures, but not before suffering some significant wounds, and three fair-goers lost their lives, including:
  • A young human mage, dressed in fine Risuri clothes, who had been wielding a staff of solid gold, that reverted to wood after the battle.
  • A young dwarf, Alforb Irongut, son of Alfonse Irongut of Al’s Ammo.
  • A third human male, dressed as a commoner, who had apparently been struck by one of Rock Rackus’s golden bullets.
  • Timothy Lammers, an old war vet and proprietor of the shooting range, claimed the monsters first appeared when the young human mage with the staff attempted to bullseye a target with a magic missile, and that another monster appeared after he attacked one of the monsters he had apparently summoned.
  • Arcane scrutiny of the staff revealed a magical aura matching those of the summoned creatures. Cyrus also was able to identify the staff as an artifact of the Ancients.
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